About the foundation

We established the ANZCA Foundation in 2007 to support medical research and education that saves lives, helps people to optimise their health, and works to make life as pain-free as possible.

The purpose of the foundation is to support and expand the college’s work in advancing anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative medicine, striving to ensure these benefits are enjoyed by all.

This is achieved through raising funds that extend our capacity to promote and progress research, equity of health outcomes, and other philanthropic activities.

Our governance

The ANZCA Foundation Committee oversees, monitors, and works with the foundation team to help meet its objectives.

The ANZCA Research Committee is responsible for all aspects of the research program including strategy, governance, and peer-review of grant applications.

The Faculty of Pain Medicine Research and Innovation Committee implements faculty board policy, provide advice to the board and promote research in the field of pain medicine among faculty fellows and trainees.

Driving improved outcomes for patients through research and education

Thanks to more than 150 years of research and education in anaesthesia and pain medicine, patients in Australia and New Zealand can expect safe and relatively pain-free surgical procedures.

Complications and deaths are rare but still occur. Of particular concern are patients facing high risks due to age, infancy or pre-existing conditions and illnesses.

We are working towards reducing and preventing complications, death, and pain.

Knowledge from research can determine whether patients can have successful surgery and anaesthesia for a range of serious medical conditions, and recover without chronic pain.

Our college conducts several initatives to help improve patients’ access to perioperative healthcare and good outcomes in developing countries and Indigenous communities, where it is most urgently needed. 

Funding is urgently required to support this important research and education. 

You can help by donating to the ANZCA Foundation.


More information

For further information, or to discuss giving options, please contact:

Rob Packer
General Manager, The ANZCA Foundation
Phone + 61 3 8517 5306
Mobile: +61 409 481 295
Email: [email protected]

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