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There are several ways you can give through the foundation, to support research and education programs needed to help continuously improve patient outcomes.​

Become a foundation patron

Become one of our most dedicated and valued supporters by committing to an annual gift.

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Create an award, fellowship or scholarship

You can create a grant, award or fellowship to support a dedicated ANZCA researcher in completing an important research project. Or, create a scholarship to help an emerging researcher embark on a productive research career.

By making a philanthropic donation to the ANZCA Research Foundation, you are making a visible commitment to the future quality of anaesthesia and pain medicine.

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Leave a legacy

Include a bequest in your will. Leave a legacy supporting ongoing future research in safer anaesthesia and surgery and better pain medicine for future generations.

Our bequestors are invited to join the John Snow Society in honour of Dr John Snow, a forefather of modern anaesthesia. To find out more, in confidence, please contact the foundation.

Bequests are not tax deductible. If you prefer to make a significant contribution to deliver future income to support a specified area of work, please contact the foundation.

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Support our overseas aid work

Many people in less developed countries lack access to high-quality anaesthesia and pain medicine, essential to good health outcomes and quality of life.

Our fellows regularly do voluntary clinical and educational work in developing countries to help deliver better healthcare, comfort and safety through improved access to safe anaesthesia and pain medicine.

In Papua New Guinea, there is a severe shortage of anaesthetists and access to good medical care. Our fellows work with local doctors to improve anaesthesia training and to provide ongoing educational support.

Our Essential Pain Management (EPM) course is designed to support developing country communities, improving pain-management skills, knowledge and abilities. Local health workers learn to run courses, building local capacity and ownership, helping sustain better future health outcomes.

The course has been taught in over 60 countries.

Donors can give through the foundation to help deliver safe anaesthesia and effective pain medicine for people in marginalised or remote communities.

Support Indigenous health

Many Indigenous communities have limited access to essential services, and health outcomes often well below acceptable national standards.

Our Indigenous health program allows donors to help people who need better access to essential healthcare.

Our fellows are working to improve access to quality anaesthesia and pain medicine for Indigenous communities in Australia and New Zealand. Initiatives are designed to address the most urgent needs, and make access to quality healthcare more equitable.

Our Indigenous Health Committee’s program includes:

  • Support to encourage clinicians to work in remote areas.
  • Podcasts and case studies to help specialists understand Indigenous cultural and health issues, and prepare them for work with indigenous communities.
  • Student mentoring programs, working with the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association and Te ORA, the Maori Medical Practitioners Association.
  • Additional funding is always needed. Donors can give to support the program through the foundation.

Further information is available here.

Corporate sponsorship

We can tailor attractive recognition packages for corporate sponsors to suit any sized organisation. Please contact the foundation to discuss your sponsorship.

Making a donation

Your fully tax-effective donation can support research or education for continuous improvement in anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative medicine. Donations of $5 and above in Australia are tax deductible, and of $2 and above in Aotearoa New Zealand are eligible for tax credits. We respect your privacy and will not use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than that for which it has been provided.


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