Pain management health practitioner education strategy project

The faculty is leading a project to develop a pain management education strategy for Australian health practitioners. Funded by the Department of Health’s Public Health and Chronic Disease Program, the project supports goal three of the National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management (the Action Plan).


Around one in five Australians live with chronic pain, a number projected to rise in future years. Chronic pain is one of the world's major healthcare needs, with serious financial and social implications for individuals, families and communities.

Best practice in pain medicine involves care delivered by multidisciplinary teams, including allied health practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, GPs and specialist physicians. Despite the high burden of pain on the community, the Action Plan identifies low awareness of best practice pain management strategies among Australian health practitioners. Currently, pain management education varies greatly across health practitioner disciplines and education stages. 

Project aims

In line with goal three of the Action Plan, the project aims to develop a considered, strategic approach for the dissemination and delivery of pain management education and training across a broad range of health practitioner disciplines. The strategy will include pain management in health practitioner education at every level – from undergraduate education and specialty training through to continuing professional development programs. 

Strategy development process

The multi-stage strategy development process includes stakeholder engagement throughout. A group of health education specialists is leading the project under the guidance of a multidisciplinary governance advisory group. The following diagram shows the project activities and outputs.

Diagram showing the pain management health practitioner education strategy project activities and outputs.


We will be working on the project throughout 2020 and 2021 and will regularly add updates to this page. 

Last updated 16:17 17.09.2020