AU recall: AMSORB PLUS Prefilled G-Can 1.0L anaesthesia absorber cartridge, possible gas leak

A recall has been issued in Australia for AMSORB PLUS Prefilled G-Can 1.0L anaesthesia absorber cartridges (GE part# 2105489-003) with lot number 110122F312, sold by GE Healthcare.

A small number of devices have exhibited gas leakage between the purple-coloured lid and the canister body. The supplier notes it is expected that a pre-use test will be performed each time on the anaesthesia machine (models Aisys, Avance and Aespire series), and this test will detect any gas leakage that is above tolerance.

Non-functioning of the device could delay patient treatment.

The supplier advises users to return all impacted absorber cartridges for a replacement.

Alternatively, if users opt to temporarily retain stock, the supplier has provided detailed advice on reducing risk arising from potential malfunction.

For more information, see the Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia recall listing. At the time of writing, no recall is listed with Medsafe New Zealand.

Last updated 16:39 16.09.2022