Class 1 recall notification - Infusion Sets for Alaris™ Pumps (GP, VP, CC, GW/GW800, SE and IVAC™ 590), Gravity Infusion sets & connectors - MDS-21-4072

Manufacturer, Becton Dickinson (BD), has advised of the recall of a number of dedicated and non–dedicated infusion sets and accessories. BD has become aware that these devices may not have been sterilised appropriately by a third party provider. The manufacturer is therefore unable to guarantee their sterility and is removing the devices from the market.
The recall is in relation to Infusion Sets for Alaris Pumps (GP, VP, CC, GW/GW800, SE, IVAC 590), Gravity Infusion sets & connectors. This has been identified as a class 1 recall requiring immediate attention.
The manufacturer’s advice is to immediately review inventory to determine if there are potentially affected devices. Further information and a link to the searchable database can be found here.  
Last updated 14:48 15.03.2021