Jannsen-Cilag CADD Infusions Systems Disposables product defect

Jannsen-Cilag CADD Infusion Systems Disposables as part of Veletri Consumables Kit may underdeliver infusion doses or fail to detect attachment of the cassettes.

Manufacturing variations in affected units’ CADD Infusion Systems Disposables may result in the green CADD Flow Stop arm to compress and warp, resulting in under delivery of medication despite the pump displaying the infusion is being properly administered.

Additionally, manufacturing variations may result in 50ml and 100ml CADD Medication Cassette Reservoirs failing to be detected by the system’s CADD-Legacy Pumps which will issue a ‘No Disposable Attached’ despite the Cassette Reservoir being attached.

Janssen has advised users to use alternate CADD infusion sets for patients requiring life-saving medication. Jannsen also advises that the impacted stock will be replaced when new unaffected stock becomes available.

More information can be found here.

Last updated 13:33 17.01.2023