Misaligned volume markings on BD 5mL syringe

ANZCA has received reports of misalignment of the graduated volume markings on a commonly stocked single-use syringe: the BD (Becton Dickinson) 5mL luer-slip syringe, item number 302130.

Reports to date have come from Queensland and Victoria.

The size of the measurement error is approximately +0.3mL (that is, 5mL of liquid in the syringe appears to measure 5.3mL on the syringe markings). It should be noted that in many cases this difference will be clinically insignificant.

We advise fellows to take note of this potential measurement error, and to use your clinical judgement to decide if this model of syringe is safe to use in a given situation.

In the event of an incident or near miss associated with this issue, please report into webAIRS.

ANZCA will monitor the situation and provide updates as any new information becomes available.

Last updated 09:45 12.04.2022