New Zealand recall: Carestation 750/750c Anesthesia Delivery Systems, O2 low-pressure alarm malfunction

GE Healthcare Limited has advised Medsafe New Zealand of an issue with Carestation 750/750c Anesthesia Delivery Systems, manufactured by Datex-Ohmeda Inc and located in New Zealand. After a specific sequence of actions, the O2 supply low-pressure alarm tone ceases to be audible until the system is rebooted.

We ask fellows working with this model of machine to take note of the potential for the O2 low-pressure alarm to malfunction, and familiarise yourselves with the manufacturer’s recent correction to the instructions for use. Corrected user instructions should have been supplied to your hospital by the manufacturer, and are also available from the United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Field Safety Notice.

More information on this recall is available from the listing on the Medsafe Online Recalls Database.

ANZCA has been advised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration that no affected models have been sold into Australia.

Last updated 09:08 15.02.2022