ANZCA SA/NT Trainee Committee

Elected annually by South Australian and Northern Territory trainees, the SA/NT Trainee Committee acts as a conduit between trainees and fellows in the region, and the ANZCA Council to which they report.

The purpose of the SA/NT Trainee Committee is to:

Committee members

Name Role

Dr Tim Wonders


Dr Joanne Tan

Deputy Chair

Dr Hayley Adams Elected member

Dr Emma Panigas

CME trainee representative co-opted member

Dr Dana Bolt Elected member
Dr Shaun Campbell Elected member
Dr Alyssa Gardner Elected member
Dr Brianna Lindley Introductory trainee representative co-opted member
Dr Rebecca Madigan ASATMG junior representative co-opted member

Dr Julia Rouse

ASATMG senior representative co-opted member

Dr Edwina Stenner Elected member
Dr Jamila Sterbova Elected member

Dr Christine Hildyard

Education officer

Michelle Gully Committee support 

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