ANZCA SA/NT Trainee Committee

Elected annually by South Australian and Northern Territory trainees, the SA/NT Trainee Committee acts as a conduit between trainees and fellows in the region, and the ANZCA Council to which they report.

The purpose of the SA/NT Trainee Committee is to:

Committee members

Name Role

Dr Alyssa Gardner

Chair - Elected member

Dr Amy Chapman Introductory trainee representative
Dr Christine Hildyard SA/NT Education Officer - Optional attendee
Dr Rebecca Madigan Senior ASA Training Members Group (ASATMG)
Dr Tom McFarlane Elected member
Dr Noopur Mehta Elected member
Dr Emma Panigas CME representative
Dr Julia Rouse Junior ASATMG
Dr Lara Schemeczko Elected member
Dr Richard Sexton Elected member
Dr Jarmila Sterbova Elected member
Dr James Turnbull Elected member
Dr Jessica Walker Elected member

Last updated 15:07 26.05.2023