ANZCA WA Trainee Committee

Elected annually by Western Australia (WA) trainees, the WA Trainee Committee acts as a conduit between trainees and fellows in the region, and the ANZCA Council to which they report.

The purpose of the WA Trainee Committee is to:

Committee members

Name Role
Dr Claudia von Peltz Co-Chair  
Dr Sarah O'Brien Co-Chair
Dr Kieran Robinson Elected member
Dr Elizabeth Carr Elected member
Dr Ethan Fitzclarence Elected member
Dr Teegan Hartwig Elected member
Dr Emily Scott Elected member
Dr Rebecca Wood Elected member (Senior Chair, GASACT)
Dr Merredith Cully Co-opted member (Junior Chair, GASACT)
Dr Chad Abbot Co-opted member (Independent Trainees)
Dr Ashleigh Cargill Co-opted member (Introductory Trainees)
Dr Jennifer Bruce WA Education Officer
Dr Annie Carlton WA Deputy Education Officer
Dr Alan Ch'ng WA Deputy Education Officer
Ms Ineke Krom WA Regional Administrative Officer

If you have a query or concern that you would like to discuss with a member of the WA Trainee Committee you are welcome to contact them direct via their private email.

Last updated 11:25 11.09.2023