FPM Learning and Development Committee

Reporting to the Training and Assessment Executive Committee, the FPM Learning and Development Committee is responsible for the ongoing support and evaluation of the training program and other educational initiatives. Staff in our Melbourne office provide administrative support to the committee.

Committee members




Dr Tipu Aamir

New Trainee Representative Dr Thomas Chalk
New Member Representative

Dr Supriya Chowdhury



New Fellow Representative

Dr Kate Drummond


Dr Irina Hollington

Supervisors of Training Advisor

Dr Andrew Huang


Dr Rob Park

Member by invitation, Procedures in Pain Medicine Committee  


FPM Trainee Tutorial Program Convenor

A/Prof Paul Wrigley

DPA, FPM Education

Dr Melissa Viney

Learning and Innovation Manager

Ms Ellen Webber

Operations Manager, FPM

Ms Juliette Whittington

Education Development Lead, FPM

Ms Janet McConville

Dean (ex officio)

Dr Dilup Kapur

Committee support 

Ms Dianne Carr

Committee meeting calendar

Please refer to the FPM Board and Faculty committee calendar for meeting details.

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