Supervisors of training toolkit

As an FPM supervisor of training (SOT), you play a vital role in the training, assessment, and pastoral care of your trainees and should have a broad understanding of - and experience in - faculty activities.

The role of supervisors is both challenging and rewarding. These resources aim to support you in your role as you guide trainees through the training program.

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Selected supervisor resources

​On a broad level, supervisors enhance the effectiveness of teaching programs, facilitate effective training for future specialist pain medicine physicians and improve their teaching and administrative skills and those of others.

On a more focused level, supervisors act as a source of knowledge, co-ordinate learning experiences and aim to improve evaluation and feedback to trainees. Use your college ID to access resources that will help you with:

Personal and professional learning

Use your college ID to access resources that will help you with:

Anaesthesia learning resources applicable to FPM trainees

Essential topic areas

The essential topic areas online learning section offers a suite of online learning resources that support and complement the FPM curriculum. The resources focus on integrating the pain medicine roles in practice with the clinical skills and knowledge of the nine essential topic areas and target a set of learning outcomes from the curriculum. 

It's important to note that these resources only contribute to the acquisition of some learning outcomes from the curriculum. For each of the nine essential topic areas there is a self-paced online learning module, a case-study with supporting resources, and a short self-assessed quiz.

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Monitoring trainees' progression

As a supervisor of training, you are expected to keep a copy of all in-training assessments and workplace-based progressive feedback forms completed under your supervision. However, it is your trainees' responsibility to ensure that all relevant documentation is kept in their learning portfolio and submitted to us at the correct time. 

If you are supervising a trainee who has moved to your unit from another unit, please review previous feedback in order to set appropriate goals during the orientation process. 

Trainees can provide a copy of their training profile to you on request. You can also contact us to request a copy. 

Exam resources

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Our supervisor of training (SOT) advisor can provide guidance and support around the training program and professional development related to the SOT role. The SOT advisor represents SoTs on faculty committees and coordinates activities for SoTs.

Contact the SOT advisor, faculty assessor and FPM staff via the faculty office.

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