Global health

We're committed to improving education and training capacity in anaesthesia and pain medicine in response to the needs expressed by low and middle income countries (LMIC).

Surgery in developing countries (The Lancet)

In October 2018, our Global Development Committee released a new five-year strategic priorities plan to ensure services to build capacity in low and middle income countries are balanced and in line with current global health issues. It provides an overview of the current landscape including global health policy issues, Australian and New Zealand foreign aid policy, and outlines the strategic priorities for 2018-2022. The plan is centered on four focus areas:

  • Training and education support.
  • Educational equipment and safety initiatives.
  • Engagement and advocacy.
  • Evaluation.

Find out how we are contributing to improving outcomes in each of these areas.

Essential Pain Management program

Unrelieved pain is a major global healthcare problem and its importance is often unrecognised. Adequate pain management results in fewer medical complications, earlier hospital discharge and improved quality of life.

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Health Equity Projects Fund

A competitive grants application process for projects that support the aims and activities of our Global Development Committee and Indigenous Health Committee.

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ANZCA Global Development Committee Scholarships

The Global Development Committee supports both local and international anesthetists through scholarships to support training and improve global health knowledge and understanding.

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Asia-Pacific resources

The Global Development Committee develop and promote resources to support our Asia-Pacific colleagues' continued professional development.

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Working and teaching overseas

There are some incredible opportunities to work and teach overseas as an anaesthetist or pain specialist, and make a real difference to global health. If you're interested in joining the ever-growing number of fellows developing and contributing to anaesthesia and pain medicine programs...

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Other ANZCA initiatives

Managed by the ANZCA Global Development Committee, we have a number of other initiatives to help support and build the anaesthesia and pain medicine workforce in western Pacific countries

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