Project grants

Each year, we fund a wide range of projects in the field of basic scientific research, clinical investigation or epidemiological research.

Many advances in healthcare in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore that are crucial to the safety and well-being of patients owe their origins to pioneering research undertaken by college fellows and trainees who were awarded college project grants.

These grants are the college's main avenue for the support of projects with studies being carried out in leading hospitals and universities in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Simulation/Education grant applications: 

Applicants wishing to submit a simulation or education related grant application should now apply using the professional practice research grant application form. The professional practice research grants may comprise a range of methodologies, including simulation and education, and approaches used in epidemiology and implementation science.


  • Chief investigator A (first named investigator) must be a fellow or registered trainee of the college.  However, if chief investigator A is a registered trainee, one of the other chief investigators must be a fellow of the college.
  • Grants are usually awarded for one year, however multi-year funding grants are available for a second year of additional funding, with the second year capped at $A50,000. 
  • Higher degree scholarships are made within a project grant application.

The maximum amount available for a project grant is $A70,000 for year one, or $A120,000 where second year funding has also been approved.

Applicants requesting multi-year funding must attain a higher ranking, determined by the ANZCA Research Committee, to be considered for multi-year funding. If the committee deems a grant to be of fundable quality, but it does not meet the ranking threshold for multi-year grants, the application may be approved for one year of funding only, based on the availability of funding.

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The grant round opens on 1 December 2023 and closes 5pm AEDT 2 April, 2024 (1 April being a public holiday). Before applying, please read the information on our Apply for an ANZCA research grant page.

The ANZCA Research Committee have made a number of amendments and additions to the grant application form.  Applicants are encouraged to carefully read the guidelines, noting the application form requirements.

The project grant application form
The project grant guidelines 

Research Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship grants are made within the project grant scheme and are awarded to fellows or registered trainees enrolled as senior degree students to support full-time or part-time research in a recognised university or research institute in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore. They are available for one to two years, subject to category of award made and subject to satisfactory reports.


The stipend and allowances are similar to those provided by the NHMRC. Half-time research may be negotiated on a pro-rata basis upon application.

2022 project grant recipients

See a list of project grant recipients by year, along with links to their funded projects.

2020 project grant recipients

List of grant recipients and links to the funded projects.

  • Dr Teresa Bulger (NZ)
  • ​Dr Jai Darvall (Vic)
  • Professor Kate Leslie (Vic)
  • Professor Jamie Sleigh (NZ)
  • Professor Andrew Somogyi (SA)
  • Professor Matthew Chan (HK)
  • Professor Matthew Chan (HK)
  • Dr Susan Humphreys (Qld)
  • Dr Robyn Gillies (Vic)
  • Dr Brenton Sanderson (NSW)
  • Dr Philip Finch (WA)
  • Professor Britta Regli von Ungern Sternberg (WA)
  • Associate Professor Laurence Weinberg (Vic)
  • Associate Professor Brendan Silbert (Vic)
  • Dr Jennifer Reilly (Vic)
  • Dr Angela Tognolini (Qld)
  • Associate Professor Paul Soeding (Vic)
  • Dr Warren Pavey (WA)
  • Professor Jenny Weller (NZ) - 2020 simulation/education grant

2019 project grant recipients

List of grant recipients and links to the funded projects.

  • Dr Andrew Toner (WA)
  • ​Prof Philip Siddall (NSW)
  • Professor Jenny Weller (NZ)
  • Associate Professor Stuart Marshall (Vic) - 2019 simulation/education grant
  • Dr Damien Castanelli (Vic)  
  • Professor Matthew Chan (HK)
  • Dr Yoshiaki Uda (Vic) 
  • Associate Professor Alicia Dennis (Vic)
  • Dr Nicole Tan (Vic)
  • Dr Megan Allen (Vic)
  • Professor Eric Visser (WA)

2018 project grant recipients

List of grant recipients and links to the funded projects.

  • Professor Alan Merry (NZ)
  • Dr David Daly (Vic)
  • Professor Guy Ludbrook (SA)
  • Professor Matthew Chan (HK)
  • Professor Bernhard Riedel (Vic)
  • Dr Forbes McGain (Vic)
  • Dr Daniel Chiang (NZ)
  • Dr Jai Darvall (Vic)
  • Professor Brian Anderson (NZ)
  • Professor Britta Regli-von Ungern-Sternberg (WA)
  • Professor Paul Rolan (SA)
  • Dr Paul Soeding (Vic)
  • Professor Paul Myles (Vic)
  • Dr Tuong Phan (Vic)
  • Dr Lachlan Miles (Vic)
  • Dr Matthew Doane (NSW)
  • Dr Michelle Roets (Qld)
  • Dr Rebecca Christensen (Qld)
  • Dr Neil Paterson (Qld) - 2018 simulation/education grant

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