About the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) is network of fellows, trainees, and research co-ordinators with an interest in fostering investigator-initiated, multicentre research.

Trials network investigators are world leaders in clinical trial methodology and delivery, and have been awarded more than $A42 million in competitive research grants.

The ANZCA CTN has successfully conducted large, international, multicentre trials within budget to definitively answer debated clinical questions within the anaesthesia community. The network is supported by the ANZCA Research Foundation, which has funded many of the exploratory studies that have subsequently been awarded large competitive grants.

ANZCA clinical trials are facilitated at more than 130 sites, nationally and internationally, bringing together a network of world leaders in anaesthesia research. The network is working towards a common vision to be a world leader in delivering high-quality trial evidence that translates into safe and effective practice in anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine.

The success of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network is underpinned by the Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network. This network has more than 150 talented research co-ordinators facilitating anaesthesia research around Australia and New Zealand, most of whom are facilitating ANZCA CTN trials.

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network aims to strengthen research capacity and institutional culture, drive patient recruitment, and share resources and infrastructure with anaesthesia departments to become sustainable in delivering research.

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network is a member of Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA), which lobbies government and policy makers on behalf of trials networks around Australia to improve the delivery and effectiveness of clinical research.

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network offers endorsement of clinical trials and studies that may lead to large clinical trials. To find out more, view the guidelines and contact the CTN office for a copy of the application form. 

Last updated 12:12 12.07.2022