Annual workshop, events and webinars

Annual CTN strategic research workshops

Every year the CTN Executive together with the Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network Sub-committee, and ANZCA CTN, Events and Communications teams, run a strategic research workshop with the aim to bring together people across the network who have an interest in facilitating clinical trials in anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine.

Key workshop aims

The key aims of the workshop is provide opportunities for delegates to network and collaborate on new research ideas, as well as provide feedback to investigators presenting new research proposals. These workshops have been instrumental in refining research protocols from basic scientific concepts, and pilot and feasibility studies through to large multicentre research protocols. This is to optimise the studies in terms scientific merit, novelty and rigour, and to ensure the study is feasible to run across our network of hospital sites and address research priorities in our field to enhance funding opportunities through the ANZCA Foundation research grant program and large competitive grants.

2023 CTN Strategic Research Workshop

The 15th Annual CTN Strategic Research Workshop was held in Coogee, New South Wales from 3 to 6 August 2023. 

CTN program at the 2023 ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting


The CTN had an exciting program as part of the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting, which was held in Sydney, New South Wales from 5 to 9 May 2023. The recordings of the new concepts methodology session are now available to ASM delegates to watch on demand through the event portal.  

New concepts in clinical trials session

Saturday 6 May 3.35-5pm
Chairs: Professor Tomas Corcoran, WA and Dr Amy Gaskell, NZ.

  • Professor Duminda Wijeysundera, Canada: Larger and smarter randomised trials in anaesthesia - and why we need to make sure they ask the right questions.
  • Dr Doug Campbell, NZ: Registry trials. 
  • Professor Steven Webb, WA: Adaptive platform trials. 
  • Ms Sophie Wallace, Vic: Consumer engagement for anaesthesia trials. 
  • Q&A with the panel. 

CTN late breaking trials session

Monday 8 May 1.30-2.55pm
Chairs: Professor Andrew Davidson, Vic& and Conjoint Associate Professor Natalie Smith, NSW.

  • From inflammation to complication: impact of the CRP response on outcomes in the RELIEF trial. Dr Chris Bain (Vic).
  • ​Dexamethasone and surgery - Short term gain for long term pain? Professor Tomás Corcoran, WA
  • A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an ENIGMA. Professor Philip Peyton, Vic
  • Q&A with the panel. 

TopMed Talks at the 2023 ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting  

Clinical Trials Networks in Europe, Australia and NZ

What is a clinical trials network (CTN) and why is it important? We explore this with A/Prof Stefan Dieleman, NSW, and Professor Andrew Davidson (Vic).

Neurocognition after surgery

Professor Mythen spoke to A/Prof Lis Evered about neurocognition after surgery and major anaesthesia.

What do you know about REMAP-CAP?

This interview focuses on the “REMAP-CAP” trial; A Randomised, Embedded, Multi-factorial, Adaptive Platform Trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia.

Diversity and gender balance in research

Professor Monty Mythen and Desiree Chappell chat to Professor Kate Leslie AO and Dr Claire Stewart about diversity and gender balance in medicine.

Past educational webinars 

Recordings from our CTN educational sessions and foundation webinars are now available to watch.  

The ANZCA Research Grant program

A recording of the overview of the ANZCA Research Grant program presented by Professor David A. Scott on 15 February 2022 is now available to watch.
Duration: 62 mins approx.

Themes covered include:

  1. The ANZCA research grant program – an overview
    • Grant categories and eligibility criteria
    • The peer review process 
    • Success rates
  2. How to succeed
    • What makes a successful application?
    • Tips and tricks from the experts
  3. Resources available to applicants
    • Mentoring opportunities for novice investigators
    • Research support tool kit (ANZCA Library)
    • CTN workshops: peer-review and feedback for pilot and multicentre trials. 

ANZCA library support and resources for researchers

A recording of the ANZCA library support for researchers webinar held by the CTN on 28 June 2022, presented by John Prentice (ANZCA Library Manager) and Kathryn Rough (ANZCA Research Librarian) is now available to watch. 

Learn about the tools and services you can use to enhance your research skills, expand your research profile and promote your research outcomes. John and Kathryn guide you through the resources and expert knowledge available through the ANZCA Library. Highlights will include an overview of Research Support Toolkit, literature searching, Research Consultation Service, the ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR), and the new Professional Practice Research guide.

Duration: 54 mins approx.

University Pathways for ANZCA Emerging Researchers

A recording of the University Pathways for ANZCA Emerging Researchers webinar held by the ANZCA Foundation on 14 April 2022 is now available to watch.

Professor Dave Story (University of Melbourne) and Professor Kirsty Forrest (Bond University, Brisbane), discuss the importance of formal research qualifications, and the growth of anaesthetist and pain medicine physician-led university-affiliated research. The event also features reflections by Associate Professor Jai Darvall, touching on the important role being played by ANZCA research grants and scholarships in supporting the development of researchers in anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine.

Duration: 72 mins approx.

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